Thursday, June 11, 2015

RegalCon Day 3

It was the last day of RegalCon- since I already had my photos and autographs, we took it pretty easy in the morning. We vegged out and then went for some lunch at Red Robin.  We got back to the hotel in time for that day's celebrity panels.  Ella was kind enough to stay calm for the whole thing- huzzah! The first was Sean, Bex, and Emilie which was a lot of fun. Sean and Bex joked that Robin and Zelena's child would be Shrek - ha ha! Emilie talked about how she'd like to travel and see more than just the usual tourist stuff.  That's something we have in common.  I get the travel bug all the time!

The second panel was with Faustino, Gil, Beverley, and Michael. The highlight of that for me was the singing.  Beverley treated us to this great ditty she wrote about being mad at herself.  Gil sang a gorgeous rendition of "Part of Your World" with a few of the pronouns switched around to be from Prince Eric's point of view. I'll admit I was totally singing along! Gil and I had a nice conversation about our music theater backgrounds back at EnchantaCon. He also saw me with Ella before he went on stage and came over and cooed at her for a moment. :)

We poked in for the last 2 panels- the creativity panel and the Greetings from Storybrooke which were fun, but I was a bit distracted sitting off to the side with a baby.

Since they were having a big group viewing of the season finale in the ballroom, I had hired a hotel babysitter so that both Paula and I could watch.  I'm so glad we did this.  We were able to go out for dinner and then enjoy the show.  There were pros and cons to watching it in a big room like that.  On one hand, the reception wasn't the best- the focus kept going out, and a couple times the screen froze just long enough for us to miss an important line!  Everyone was screaming at the screen!  On the other hand, it is so much fun to be in a room full of fans of the show you are watching.  Everyone was reacting and excited, even I got into it- yelling "Henry!" in response to who should be the next author. Plus- Michael, Bex, and Faustino were actually in the room watching with us.  That must have been such a kick for them to get to watch all us Oncers go nuts.

Afterwards, we hung out and chatted with some of our new friends in the lobby. I wanted to hang out longer, but we were due to return to the room for the baby soon, so we said goodnight and that was the end of our RegalCon experience.

It was interesting to compare the 2 different OuaT cons I've been to now.  RegalCon felt more organized overall- questions for the actors were pre-selected, so no chaos trying to get the mic. RegalCon had several more actors since EnchantaCon lost many due to filming commitments. Because of that, Regal Con had more vendor tables and panels. However, also because of that, there were a lot more fans!  The positive side effect of all the EnchantaCon cancellations was a much more intimate experience.  Those of us who were there really bonded- an experience that just wasn't matched for me at RegalCon, admittedly some of that may be partially because I was distracted.  I hope I can go without a little one next time so I can relax more.   

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