Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Disney Park Tips

I was pondering what else I could write about on this blog, and I've settled on the obvious- I worked at WDW for over 8 years, so how about some park tips?  These are in no particular order, just writing them down as they come to me.

*This might be an obvious one, but drink a lot of water- especially in the summer!  The Florida heat is brutal.  Don't forget to take rests!

*Always look up!  Disney has amazing theming, and if you never take the time to notice your surroundings, you'll breeze right past a lot of fun details.  For example, have you ever seen the old timey telephone on Main Street?  The next time you see it, pick up the receiver and hold it to your ear- you can listen to a turn-of-the-century party line!  The Christmas shop in Liberty Square has three distinctly different rooms representing the homes of 3 families: a German family, a musician's family, and a wood carver's family.  The Confectionary has plans for candy inventions on the walls.  If you go see MuppetVision 4D, don't forget to look at the back of the theater- the Swedish Chef is there!

*The Confectionary as well as the candy shops in Downtown Disney and in Frontierland sometimes have free samples of fudge on the counter, so pop in and check.  Plus, you can always count on a free square of chocolate at Ghirardelli's.

*The shops on Main Street are all connected so you can cut through them if you want to avoid street crowds.

*If there is a character you particularly have your heart set on, don't leave it to chance.  Make it a priority to find out when and where that character will be meet and greeting, and don't wait until the last second to seek him or her out.

*If your little girl is being treated to both the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as well as a special dinner, do make sure your reservations are at least two hours apart- you don't want to chance stressing out because the BBB sometimes runs behind.

*Don't wait until the last minute to pick your souvenirs!  More than once I've made the mistake if waiting too long to pick what I want, and by the time I've decided, it's too late.  Remember, you can have your items sent to the front of the park for free.

*If you've been walking around the parks all day, it feels really good to dip your feet in the pool when you get back to your hotel.

*The first thing you should do with your family before the trip, is decide what attractions or other experiences are your priority, and then focus on making them happen.  You will not be able to see everything, so it's best to decide in advance what everyone's must dos are.

That's all for now. If I think of more, I'll do another set!

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